MQS’Nano Glass 3

MQS’Nano Glass 3, the raw material is nature quartz, the production principle simulated the new generationof subversive high-end environmental decorative materials formedby the full class crystallization of volcanic lava.
Its shape is transparent as jade, clear as mirror, texture is gorgeous, and hardness is superior to granite and marble and it has the world noble jade’s flexible texture and transparent natural form.
MQS’products with crystal structure, its characteristics include: super high hardness, heat resistance, nearly zero water absorption, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, slip resistance, almost zero radiation,without any harmful chemicals. At present, Kartso is the only one building covering material which can be widely used in outdoor (including strong corrosion and hot zone), indoor, kitchen and bathroom, public space, floorings and so on all over the world.
MQS’Nano Glass 3 is a new revolution in the building material industry completely solve and surpass traditional granite, marble and tile’s disadvantages points in production, use, safety and environmental protection. It has surpassed all traditional stone materials in the market with extreme speed of development, and become the new favorite of the new generation of high-end architectural designers.

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