Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake gambling is an unique traditional Mid-Autumn festival activity to Southern Fujian and Taiwan for hundreds of years. According to legend, mooncake gambling was invented by Zheng Chenggong help relieve homesickness among his troops. From generation to generation, it has become a unique folk custom in Southern Fujian.
Global Stone Mid-autumn activity started on September 22. All family gathered together to share the joy of activity, which is an inheritance of traditional culture and a sincere acknowledgement of the company to its employees.

wonderful banquet

Lots of prices

The sound of dice and cheers kept coming. When the dice threw into the bowl with the crisp sound of clink, everyone held their breath, hoping to win “Zhuangyuan” ( the biggest winner ) to gain the best and largest gifts. When dice threw into the red china bowl, cheers of winning and the pleasant silvery sound of dice rolling can be heard along warehouse.
“ Every festival, loved ones” . On this day, Global Stone focused on participation and created a happy atmosphere by this traditional game.The harvest is not only the prize,but also family warm heart. Global Stone, we are family.

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